May 11, 2005

Long Time, No Entry!

Today was the last day of class of what has been another academic year at MIT. It really ended with a bang too. Today I had presentations in all three classes: Optical Engineering, Axiomatic Design, and Chinese, spread out over the entire day. They all went well, but to tell you the truth I'm absolutely exhausted. Among the classes and the rollercoaster research ride I'm on, I've been working for 12 hours a day, or something like that. I could use a few days straight of normal sleeping patterns.

I will spend the summer at MIT, performing research. On one hand it doesn't sound as exciting as last year's excursion to Western China that turned out making a large impact both there and and here at MIT, making news on International CNN and CTV2 (China's National Television Stations). On the other hand, perhaps this is a good opportunity to really focus on what it is to be a graduate student: produce something that no one has thought of or done before.

Yes, I've done this before, many times. But this time its different. No one is telling me what to do. Personally I don't know exactly what to do. More than ever I have to forge ahead on my own and determine where I can make the most impact, and then develop it.

Additionally, I have to continue studying Chinese. I've taken all the Chinese classes offered at MIT, and since I am not going to go to China this summer, I need to maintain my Chinese through independent study. I will try multiple ways. I'll look for Harvard Extension classes that I might be able to take. Although they are expensive, perhaps it is worth it. I will also look for personal tutors, though that might also be expensive. I am already in contact with one guy for a language exchange, though this could get old after not too long. I'll try and find more people who I can speak Chinese with. Unfortunately, Vicky doesn't like to speak to me in Chinese, so that doesn't work out. Her parents, however do. Perhaps I should go and visit LA for a bit and speak exclusively Chinese! =D Finally I'll probably re-study a lot of this year's material, which I didn't study too diligently towards the end, and finish the textbook. Anyone have any other suggestions? To progress I will have to spend at least 4 hours a week, and possibly more, on it.

Well, Vicky is going to be spending most of her summer away in Guatemala and Zambia marketing technological developments that will help communities. I'll be here by myself! Ha but that's ok, just have to make sure I don't play too much FFXI and get out more often.

That's enough about me, how are you? Signing off! zzzzzz.

Posted by peter at 09:55 PM