June 28, 2004

Peng You Hao ???

Sorry I haven't kept in touch in the past few days. We've been really busy recently because there are two professors here from MIT visiting. So on top of entertaining them and going to all sorts of meeting ... we still have to teach! ; ; Everything is going well here. I cannot believe I have already been in China for two weeks. Time really flies ... and I am now wishing that I could stay longer than 2 months! Oh well, there will be plenty more time for that. I'm going to be
looking for opportunities to do management consulting in China. The director of the MIT-China program has definitely a lot of contacts... but there are also a lot of students that have connections in China. So I just have to be prepared in the fall semester to be applying for jobs. We'll see how that goes.
I'm going to have to go to sleep because I am just worn out. But just remember: Thank goodness for Chef Boyardee... and "Shei2 shi4 ni3 de ling2 dao3?!" (ie. "Who is your leader?").

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June 22, 2004

Hello from Xining!

Currently we are very very busy trying to set up our courses. Preparing lectures takes an extremely long time because not only do I actually have to prepare in English, but Chinese as well. I have to look up all the Chinese terms for words like evaluate (gu1 ji4), design (she4 ji4) and abstraction (chou1 xiang4). These technical terms take a long time to look up in the dictionary, write down, then I have to ask one of my students to write it in pinyin so that I know how to say it, then I have to transcribe it into my Powerpoint lecture so that students can really understand what I am talking about. I cannot really expect them to know what abstraction means! And its very difficult to explain in english. So pretty much I have no free time (*'_';).

We also teach one English class from 7-9PM. It is very unstructured... the first night was very difficult. Basically I had them perform scenarios with each other, and also answered questions about America. I tried to get them all to talk by asking questions and pointing at them. Some people don't like that too much . Other than that I think they do enjoy our courses and feel that they are learning something useful.

I have to teach class in about 30 minutes, so I will have to be heading out.

Sending you some Qinghai love,

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