May 07, 2005

uplifting nightmare

Have you ever had a nightmare when you think you’ll die but at the last moment you wake up just to rescue yourself from certain and horrible death?
Well, I had one last night.

I was alone in an unknown basement arranged as an entertainment room. I was standing by the bar having a glass of something. Knowing myself, it was a glass of red wine.
A person from work approached me in a seemingly friendly manner and started a conversation. His eyes appeared to smile friendly from behind the glasses. His short, blond hair reflected the light that was shining from behind. However, after 10-15 seconds of the conversation his face started to morph into a dark face of ultimate evil and destruction. He started to kill me. I knew I would die. It was almost time to wake up. It was obvious that if I didn’t do anything, I’d be gone. However, there was something new and different in this situation. I felt strong enough to face this ultimate evil and respond. Somehow, I managed to stop the evil from succeeding….

Soon after I woke up and started to think about this dream.

I realized this was an uplifting nightmare.
I wish everybody a success in fight against evil. :-)

Posted by marek at May 7, 2005 04:13 AM