October 27, 2004

"In New Hampshire we shoot first then ask questions later"

Last Sunday, I went with my son for a trip up north (I came to visit MA that weekend). We managed to find our way out of Cambridge onto highway 93 north toward New Hampshire. Our plan was to go for an excursion around the Lake Winnipesaukee.

The colors during our trip north were beautiful. Just about 20-30 miles north of Boston you could notice the change of colors. You could see the warm palette of yellows, oranges, reds and brow reds all around with a few breaks of dark green evergreens. Nice colors. It was also noticeable that the further north we went, the more dead, dry brown colors with more naked trees you could see like a premonition of winter.

We started to drive around the lake. At first we went through interesting downtown of Laconia where the stores are all closed (sounds like a text from that famous Led Zeppelin song), then we noticed a street that was next to the lake. I wanted to stop by and take pictures.

There were signs “No trespassing” so we parked on the street and made sure that we stayed on the public land. I took some pictures of the bank across the lake, nice hills with colors, church steeple, some houses, etc. Then I noticed behind me a huge lawn blanketed by yellow leaves. We took a picture of these leaves. Almost immediately an angry man came out of the house to the right shouting, “whom do you work for?” I was puzzled; I don’t remember what I said at first. However I explained to him that I just wanted to take a picture of the leaves on the lawn. It turned out that he didn’t want anybody to take a picture of his property. I realized that he thought that I worked for one of the tax assessors. It was obvious that he didn’t want his property tax raised. He turned out to be talkative. He explained to us that his neighbor’s house is worth only 80 thousand but sold for more than 200K. He also told us that damming the river created the lake. That the lake level is low this time of the year and many other local facts.

When we were departing he said, “you were lucky, in New Hampshire we shoot first then ask questions later.”

On the way back, in and around Laconia, I noticed many election signs supporting Bush and none for Kerry. Any correlation between Bush and "we shoot first then ask questions later?" :-)

The trip back to Cambridge was much less eventful than this stopover.

Posted by marek at October 27, 2004 12:21 AM